Enslaved – the word amazing is not enough

Enslaved – the word amazing is not enough to describe this game. It has been developed by Ninja Theory studio and it comes with an unique concept that will show you how is to be a slave and to be forced to do things that you don’t like. You may think that this isn’t a strong reason to like this game and in fact it isn’t, but what has to offer you it is and I am going to tell you in a couple of words in this particular article - read all the details.

In this game is presented the story of Monkey and Trip that happen to be on a slave shop. The real action starts when the ships lands (because of Trip) in an apocalyptic world filled up with robots in New York, but in the future. After landing Monkey recovers pretty quickly and notices that he has a band around his head that electrocutes him when Trip is heart. Luckily Ninja Theory have really thought this fact and they have developed a strong and complex artificial intelligence for Trip so during fights she will step back in a corner in order to avoid to be heart so Monkey won’t be heart and fight normally.

Enslaved is a game that offers you many new elements - and you need to get new elements, but still this isn’t a reason good enough to enjoy the game so much. In fact, now I am going to tell you the real reason: the combination of characters, Monkey and Trip, is so amazing and human and real that will give you the feeling that you are next to them in every mission, attack or moment of joy. Ninja Theory haven’t developed only a game to play, they have managed to create for you a world where your best friend are Monkey and Trip. The game is actually sending you a great story, emotions, it teaches you to appreciate more the persons next you.

One amazing fact about this game is that Monkey has an amazing voice – Andy Serkis is the voice, the one that has played Gollum in Lord of the Rings. I don’t know about you, but I am a really big fan of the series and so I was pretty excited when I heard that voice in the game.


Of course, like every other game this one has some flaws, but all can be forgot if you take into consideration the fact that the story is so good and the characters so complex. You all should really try this concept of game.